Submission guidelines:

Submit pieces of poetry no shorter than seven pages in length.  There is no maximum length.  If it's good, I'll try to make it fit.  Long series of cohesive poems are accepted as well (think Berrigan's Sonnets or Minnis's Poemland or Rohrer's A Plate of Chicken).

Submit pieces no shorter than seventeen pages.  This can be excerpts from a novel, a flash series, lyric essay(s), interconnected short stories, etc.  I would say there is no cap on prose, but I do want there to be more than one contributor per issue, so the prose maximum is 40 pages. Also, make sure it's good. Reading bad prose for hours on end is my idea of hell.

Payment is one copy of Extended Play and any goodies that get made with/from it (stickers, limited ed. chapbooks, pins, pens, etc.).